Our condensers are used in a variety of applications. That is why we can offer a range of well-tested machines that are built based on years of improvements and optimization.

Condensers known for their robustness

The condensers from ATHCO Engineering A/S are known for their robustness. We supply condens machines in stainless steel, SAF 2205 and SMO-materials, among others. For sizing we use advanced computer calculation programs to ensure optimum operation and efficiency.

Our condensers are mostly used as top condensers for, exhaust gas, steam etc. and will give your company the advantage of saving a high amount of energy by recovering heat from your process industry.

Condensers - chemical industry

Customized solutions – your needs in focus

ATHCO-Engineering A/S develops complete customized solutions with the customers’ needs in focus. We do also provide a wide range of standardized products to the industry and guarantee that all hygiene standards are included in the design, construction and production.

Our products benefit the food industry:

Processes in the chemical industry that could benefit from our products:

  • Hygienic standards
  • Smooth surface
  • Efficient designs
  • Retrofit solutions
  • Customized design
  • CIP cleaning

Our solutions from condensers


Compact pressurized heat exchanger

  • Easy to install and inspect.
  • High efficiency.


Top condensers – vacuum condensers

  • Save a high amount of energy.
  • Built based on years of improvements and optimization.


Large condensers

  • Low pressure drop due to free flow on shell side.
  • Allows problem-free passage of catalyst fines thanks to the flexible distance between the thermoplates.

Flue Gas Condensation

In Biomass or dust loaded environment

  • Huge gains in heat recovery of up to 25 %.
  • Low material consumption.

Making a difference for the environment

The majority of our products are focused on the recovery of heat in the process industry, which means that our customers will experience a “greener” company profile.

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Need a special designs or

Need a special design or

ATHCO-Engineering A/S is able to develop designs and solutions for customers with a specific need – a task we would like to undertake, while at the same time promise a satisfying result.