EON Norrkopping Händelöverket replacement

  • Design, manufacturing and installation of Flue Gas Condensers including auxiliary equipment
  • Scope: Engineering and supply of Two Thermo-plate condensers, spraying system, quench and spray hood including piping valves and secondary steel etc..
  • Application. Flue Gas Condensation Plant
  • Customer: Eon Sweden
  • Plant: Händelöverket, Norrköping
  • Country: Sweden
  • Size: 2 x 1840 m^2 Effect ~18 MW


  • Two condensers delivered by us twenty years ago were corroded and had to be replaceded.

The solution

  • The plant use heat recovery for district heating with a heat load of 9 MW/condenser
  • The units were delivered and installed in time and the result has been to the full satisfaction of the customer.

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