Condenser case

ATHCO-Engineering presents a comprehensive selection of Condenser Cases engineered to optimize heat exchange processes across a wide spectrum of industrial applications. Our condenser cases are designed to excel in performance, efficiency, and reliability.

Partial condensation of vacuum gasses

  • Application: Partial condensation of vacuum gasses

  • Country: Germany
  • Customer: GESMEX (ATHCO-Engineering A/S partner for German chemical industry)
  • Media shell side: Low pressure (30 mbar) oligomer vapors
  • Media lamella side: Water/Ethylene Glycol mixture
  • Design pressure: 10/16 bar
  • Design temperature: 320/120 ℃
  • Material plate bundle: AISI316L
  • Material shell: AISI316L

The challenge

Extensive cooling (> 100oC) and partial condensation at low pressure drop (7 mbar) and need for cleaning of shell side.

The solution

Ø900mm TP-HEX exchanger with extractable plate bundle


Replacing Top Condenser

Application: Top Condenser
Country: Finland
Segment: Chemical  
Media shell side: Polymer dispersion
Media lamella side: Water
Design pressure: FV 1/6 bar
Design temperature: 200 ℃

EN 1.4404

EN 1.4301

Replacing 15-year-old top condenser heat exchanger with short turn around time Heat exchanger was worn out and filled with product after 15 years in operation in a challenging condensation application.

New heat exchanger produced as drop-in replacement 7 day turn around in workshop including penetrant, x-ray, pressure test for replacing the heat exchanger.

Replacing a top condenser

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