In the light of our work with developing and manufacturing process equipment in stainless steel, we continuously work to protect and improve the internal and external environment for the benefit of the individual and the nature.

At ATHCO-Engineering A/S we are very keen on making a difference for the environment. Not only are the majority of our products focused on the recovery of heat in the process industry, which means that our customers will experience a “greener” company profile, but we also comply with the strict rules and regulations of the Danish Labor Authorities, thereby holding our self responsible to the environment.

Our products for heat recycling are useful for the environmental surrounding, as they help minimizing the CO2 emission and reducing the consumption of energy in the process industry.

ATHCO-Engineering A/S strive to develop, manufacture and distribute our products with the slightest possible environmental impact and consumption of resources.

Emission and consumption:
We set up objectives to minimize waste, water- and energy consumption.

Work environment:
We provide a work environment that safeguards the individual and challenge each employee to develop a safe and better working space.

We follow all current legislations and regulations, and are a member of the “dansk industri” (Danish Industry)