Production companies are depended upon energy supply, which often is complex and varied but also a key area for optimization to lower both production costs and CO2 emissions. Heat recovery is often a good choice as it will reduce both production cost and CO2 emissions.

What is heat recovery?

Heat recovery is reclaiming a portion of the energy used for a certain process and applying the energy back into same process or a different process operating at a lower temperature. A textbook example is to reclaim the heat in the exhaust from a spray drying tower to preheat the inlet air or feed/effluent heat exchangers in various petrochemical processes.

Lean/Rich interchangers and air/air heat exchangers are other typical heat recovering applications.

ATHCO-Engineering A/S – your partner for Heat Recovering

ATHCO-Engineering A/S is a strong partner when dealing with heat recovering for your company. For more than sixty years we have helped companies working within the chemical food or process industry. We have invented four different heat recovery products: Thermoplates (pillow plates), Therm-x, Flue Gas Condensation, Proces Therm.


Our solutions from Heat Recovery


Pillow plates

  • A fully welded heat exchange plate.
  • Efficient heat transfer because of large surface area.
  • We use resistance welding.


Heat recovery from waste water

  • A self-cleaning heat exchanger.
  • Especially suited for heat recovering, cooling and heating of fiber-containing or very unclean process liquids.
  • Can handle varying flows and discontinuous flow without a problem.

Flue Gas Condensation

In Biomass or dust loaded environment

  • A direct heat recovery system.
  • Recovers heat from flue gas and transfers it to district heating water or other liquid streams.
  • High thermal efficiency and thermoplates with large strength.

Proces Therm

Heat recovery from powder loaded air

  • A heat recovery system.
  • Offers substantial energy savings, as it recovers heat from discharged air.
  • Well-suited for dust loaded air, as it has an integrated CIP system.

We improve the internal and external environment for the benefit of the individual and the nature

At ATHCO Engineering A/S we are very keen on making a difference for the environment. Not only are the majority of our products focused on the recovery of heat in the process industry, which means that our customers will experience a “greener” company profile, but we also comply with the strict rules and regulations of the Danish Labor Authorities, thereby holding our self responsible to the environment.

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About ATHCO-Engineering A/S

ATHCO-Engineering A/S is a Danish company founded in 1947

Today we are one of the global leadings in advanced heat transfer technology and recovery. We provide substantial energy savings and customized designs, and we cooperate with leading process-engineering companies, where we utilize each other’s equipment and knowledge in order to develop integrated solutions. We cover everything from design, production, instalment and service.