If your application require a customized heat exchanger solution ATHCO-Engineering A/S offers a fully tailor made heat exchanger.

Get a tailor made heat exchanger

ATHCO-Engineering A/S can design, construct and manufacture a tailor made heat exchanger either based on the customer specifications or in a cooperation between the customer and ATHCO-engineering A/S.

ATHCO-engineering A/S aim to solve the issues within the budget frame.

Our experience covers fouling fluids, corrosive environments, high temperature, high pressure and condensation/evaporation.

A few applications

Processes in the chemical industry that could benefit from our products:

  • Heat recovery from containment fluids
  • Climate control for poultry
  • Pyrolysis
  • Pilot plant heat exchanger and prototype heat exchangers

Our customized solutions

Thermoplates (pillow plates)

  • Good thermal operation efficiency due to high heat transfer coefficients.
  • Self-cleaning effect due to the smooth surface of the thermoplates.

Plate banks

For cooling and heating applications

  • Can be adapted to process and available space because of flexible design (many combination possibilities).
  • Low tendency of contamination (fouling).

Immersion chiller

For cooling applications

  • Suitable in aggressive atmospheres.
  • Suitable for high temperatures.

Tanks & Pressure vessels

  • Integrated cooling/heating system.
  • Long life due to stable and durable corrosion.

Need a special designs or solution?

ATHCO-Engineering A/S is able to develop designs and solutions for customers with a specific need – a task we would like to undertake, while at the same time promise a satisfying result.

Making a difference for the environment

We comply with the strict rules and regulations of the Danish Labor Authorities, thereby holding our self responsible for the environment.

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