The pulp and paper industry

Process Therm

Heat recovery from powder
loaded air
Recovering energy from exhaust air


Heat recovery from
waste water
Therm-X heat exchanger


Compact pressurized
heat exchanger
Thermo plate heat exchanger


Taylor made units based on
thermo plates

Flue gas condensation

In Biomass or dust
loaded environment

The pulp and paper industry is an energy intensive industry.
With a solution from ATHCO Engineering a company will experience a wide range of new advantages.. Waste/excess heat can be recovered and used in a pre-heating process.

With the importance to have a positive development in the environmental profile and still keep focus on energy costs, for a company to increase their competitiveness.

ATHCO Engineering understands the importance to have a positive development in a company’s enviromental profile while keeping focus on the enerrgy cost and thereby increasing the competitiveness. ATHCO Engineering is therefore able to find a solution that is suited exactly for your process. A solution, which will reduce your energy consumption, lower production and decrease enviromental impact.

Processes in the paper and pulp industry that can benefit from our solutions

Processes in the pulp and paper industry that could benefit from our products:

  • Feed Water Heaters
  • Digester Heaters
  • Surface Condensers
  • Thick Liquor Heaters
  • Chlorine dioxide Water Heaters
  • Liquor, Gas and Oil Coolers
  • White water Coolers
  • Flue-gas Condensers