Pillow plates

Heat transfer solutions on a plate?

In addition to our unique knowledge in manufacturing of thermo plates, we possess a well equipped production facility for thermo plates.

The manufacturing of thermo plates is our core competence. The plates are manufactured in a large range of corrosion resistant steel qualities e.g. stainless steel, SAF 2205, 904L and SMO.

ATHCO Engineering also produces thermo plates for other manufacturing companies that use our thermo plates in different process equipment like heat exchangers, tanks and other process units. The plates are either delivered by the piece or built into units according to the customer’s specifications. The major part of the production is used for ATHCO Engineering’s own heat exchangers.

What is a thermo plate?

A thermo plate consists of two plates that are spot welded together. The plates are sealed with a welded seam along the contours of the plates. The plate is then expanded until the desired expansion height is achieved. The expansion height is the maximum distance between the two plates.


Food industry

  • Exhaust recuperators
  • Water chillers (Falling Film)

Chemical industry

  • Top and bottom condensers
  • Vaporizers
  • Heat exchangers

Other industries

  • Condensers
  • Flue gas coolers/condensers
  • Oil coolers
  • Heating –/cooling shells for tanks


  • Very easy to clean (high sanitary standard)
  • Efficient heat transfer because of large surface area to volume ratio

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