ATHCO-Engineering A/S dimensions, designs and manufactures stainless steel tanks for every purpose.

At ATHCO-Engineering A/S we have specialized in dimensioning, design and manufacturing of tank and pressure vessels that has particular requirements. The tank and pressure vessels are all made from stainless steel materials or higher grades and we can custom-make every tank and vessel after your company’s needs and wants. The tank & vessels that hold products which require heating or cooling can be equipped with a “jacket” made from pillow plates, as an integral part of the casing.

We support necessary documentation

The various tanks & pressure vessels that are designed can all be calculated according to PED, ASME or Selo (China Stamp), and ATHCO-Engineering A/S will support all the necessary documentation.

Customized solutions

The core business of ATHCO-Enigineering A/S is to design and manufacture tailor-made equipment. We can customize all tank and pressure vessels to meet your company’s needs and wants.

Product advantages

Processes in the chemical industry that could benefit from our products:

  • Integrated cooling/heating system
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Compact design and simple installation
  • Long life due to stable and durable corrosion
  • Resistant materials

Fields of application

  • All tanks with cooling or heating requirements
  • For example in food, chemical, wood, paper and textile industries

Making a difference for the environment

The majority of our products are focused on the recovery of heat in the process industry, which means that our customers will experience a “greener” company profile.

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