The chemical industry provides a wide range of possibilities for the use of various products in heat recovery. That is why this industry is an important area of ​​focus for ATHCO-Engineering A/S.

One of the world’s leading industries

The chemical industry is steadily growing worldwide and is today one of the world’s leading industries. Engineers around the world are daily working with heating and cooling processes facing the challenge to select the right equipment and how to optimize processes and energy consumption using heat recovery without occupying too much space, reduce cost and CO2 emissions.

Pulp and paper industry
Condensers - chemical industry

We create a suitable solution for you

There are a great variety of different processes in this industry, where cooling or heating of fluid or gasses is a necessity. Thermoplates can be designed in all shapes and dimensions as fully welded constructions for both high pressure and temperatures opening new ways for the engineers to solve heat recovery problems and reduce cost.

In such situations ATHCO-Engineering A/S significant experience, when dealing with heat recovery in the chemical industry, will be an important factor in a collaboration, where we co-operate with our customers to creating a total solution suitable for them.

Processes in the chemical industry that could benefit from our products:

Processes in the chemical industry that could benefit from our products:

  • Temperature range from -200 to + 500 grc
  • Pressures up to 50 bar or more
  • Tank heaters
  • Fully welded constructions on both hot and cold side possible
  • Evaporation and condensing
  • Built into towers and reactors
  • Falling film
  • Emersion coolers
  • Air or gas processes

Our solutions for the process industry

Process Therm

Heat recovery from powder loaded air

  • Investment with short pay-back period.
  • Low maintenance cost.


Compact pressurized heat exchanger

  • Efficient heat transfer because of large contact surfaces.
  • Compact design saves space and installation costs.


Taylor made units based on thermo plates

  • Always a satisfying result.
  • We meet your specific needs.

Flue gas condensation

In Biomass or dust loaded environment

  • Huge gains in heat recovery of up to 25 %.
  • Low maintenance.


Large Feed & Effluent heat exchangers

  • Lower operating costs.
  • Smaller foot print

Making a difference for the environment

The majority of our products are focused on the recovery of heat in the process industry, which means that our customers will experience a “greener” company profile.

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