The flue gas condenser is a direct heat recovery system, which recovers heat from flue gas and transfers the heat to district heating water or other liquid streams that need to be heated.

The heat exchanger consists of thermoplates mounted parallel to each other. The flue gas runs from top to bottom between the plates and the liquid runs from bottom to top inside the plates.

Condensation will occur on the cold surface of the thermoplates and the condensate film will continuously flush the plates.

The free flow on the flue gas side ensure low pressure drop and continued drainage of the condensate.

The high thermal efficiency and large strength of the thermoplates lead to a compact condenser with low material consumption and thereby a low CAPEX investment. The condenser will be typical be built in corrosion resistant materials as SS316L or SAF 2205. As the condenser is a fully welded construction, the need for maintenance will be very low and OPEX costs are kept at minimum.

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