Falling film heat exchanger with Thermoplates allow for the production of chilled water at close to the freezing temperature due to no contact points on the thermoplates and constant flowing water.

Chilled water is often applied within food industry for quick cooling in order not to loose quality in the final product. Typical applications is in combination with blanching.

The smooth surface of the resistance welded thermoplates ensure low risk for contamination and fouling.

Chilled Water- LP Pillow Plate

Our solutions from Chilled Water

Falling film


  • Recover heat from process water.
  • Guarantees a high efficiency in the heat transfer as well as in the hygiene aspect.

Pillow Plates

  • Efficient heat transfer because of large surface area to volume ratio.
  • Energy-saving and greener solutions.

Need a special designs or solution?

ATHCO-Engineering A/S is able to develop designs and solutions for customers with a specific need – a task we would like to undertake, while at the same time promise a satisfying result.

Making a difference for the environment

The majority of our products are focused on the recovery of heat in the process industry, which means that our customers will experience a “greener” company profile.

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