Sustainability – A matter of trust

At ATHCO-Engineering, we hold sustainability as a paramount value, integral to our corporate ethos. Our steadfast commitment to environmental responsibility informs every aspect of our operations. We are driven to foster a sustainable future through innovative engineering and design solutions.

Our dedication is all-encompassing, from reducing our ecological footprint to delivering sustainable products and services that empower our clients to do the same. Join us as we delve into ATHCO-Engineering’s extensive efforts to drive positive change and ecological stewardship. Explore our sustainable practices, eco-conscious technologies, and the pivotal role we play in shaping a greener and more socially responsible tomorrow.”

The Principles in ATHCO-Engineering A/S describe the way we must act within society whilst achieving our business goals.

By aspiring to our Business Principles, we can find many opportunities to contribute to a more sustainable future and deliver better everyday conditions for people. The Business Principles help us ensure that we are acting in a way that does not infringe on human rights, the environment or our business integrity.

Business integrity – High ethical standards guide our conduct

Environment – Optimizing resources we use in our business

Social – Respect for human rights is fundamental for us.

Transparency – Our commitment to open dialogue builds trust

We can never be complacent about our progress of implementing the Business Principles because there are always aspects in which we can improve. Nevertheless; we like to be a performance-driven company, operating with strong ethical principles which extend through the supply chain and in which employees are proud to work. This helps us to offer excellent value, quality and security for customers and investors alike.

We Strive towards Living the UN Sustainability Goals in our daily operation

All are important for us but here are the ones where we focus

FN 17 world sustainability goals
FN 17 world goals
FN 17 world sustainability goals
FN 17 world goals
FN 17 world sustainability goals



Proces Therm: heat recovery from dust loaded air (fx from spray dryer).

Flue Gas Condenser: recovery from biomass power and waste incarnation plants.

Therm-x: self-cleaning heat exchanger for heavily contaminated water.

Top Condenser: condensation of organic vapors in distillation columns.

TP-HEX: compact pressurized heat exchanger.

ThermFlex: large pressurized heat exchanger for the (petro) chemical industry, fx. as Feed & Effluent exchanger.