The process industry

Proces Therm

Heat recovery from powder
loaded air


Heat recovery from
waste water


Compact pressurized
heat exchanger


Taylor made units based on
ATHCO immersion chiller


Large Feed & Effluent
heat exchangers
Fully welded thermo plate heat exchanger

Flue gas condensation

In Biomass or dust
loaded environment

ATHCO-Engineering A/S general scope of work is within every industry with a manufacturing processes that requires heat exchange or heat recovery in the production. Our goal is to find the right solution for the actual applications which benefit the customer both technically and commercially.

The general process industry uses a lot of heat and energy in their production, much of which is redundant when the various processes are finished. At ATHCO-Engineering A/S we have recognized this problem and we have decided to dedicate our work to finding more sustainable ways of reusing this obsolete energy waste.
With the vision of making the processing industry more environmentally friendly, whilst at the same time reducing the cost for our customers by lowering their energy consumption, we strive to find new and innovative solutions for every single customer.

Years of experience have made us experts in all forms of heat recovery and heat transfer within the process industry. However, we are especially strong when it comes to  finding solutions with air-to-air or air-to-water. Just like handling of various types of gas is one of our main areas of expertise.

Examples of industries where ATHCO-Engineering A/S solutions and products could
be used

– Slaughterhouses.
– Textile industry.
– Power plants.
– Steel mills.
– Cooling or heating of sewage.
– General heat recovery.