Our facilities

ATHCO-Engineering A/S has all together more than 10.500 square meters of factory, which are distributed over 7 production halls.

At our facilities, metalworkers and operators have modern machinery to their disposal, which enables ATHCO-Engineering A/S to manufacture and develop process equipment in stainless qualities. The production halls are equipped with cranes and separate pickling plants.

The machinery includes machines for all sorts of plate adaption, spot-welding and resistance seam welding plants, vinyl feeders, saws, turning lathe, milling machine, grinders, cutter, bending machine etc.

Would you like to visit us for a quality audit?

To ensure the highest standard of our staff, work procedures and production facilities, we gladly put them at disposal for a quality audit. Customers continuously carry out audits at our facilities, to ensure that we live up to general and specific customer requirements. Feel free to contact us for more information.

ATHCO-Engineering A/S machines and equipment:


  • 6 kw laser cutting machine
    (2,5 x 6,5 m).
  • Plasma welding machine.
  • Spot welding machine.
  • Seam welding machine.