ATHCO Engineering is keen on having the best employees in the field and we are always looking for new talent.

Our well-qualified workforce is our greatest asset. At ATHCO Engineering we know that and therefore we strive to maintain and develop our company in the pursuit of being an attractive employer – both professionally as well as socially.

We employ certified welders, fitters, technicians and engineers, all of which are among the best in their field. This is the only way that we can live up to the strict requirements of the process industry.
Additionally ATHCO Engineering provides a strong professional environment with excellent opportunities for the development of personal skills and abilities.


At ATHCO Engineering we are always looking for professional educated engineers. Therefore we encourage you to give us your unsolicited application and we will give a response as soon as possible.

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ProcessTherm: heat recovery from dust loaded air (fx from spray dryer).

Flue Gas Condenser: recovery from biomass power and waste incarnation plants.

Therm-X: self-cleaning heat exchanger for heavily contaminated water.

Top Condenser: condensation of organic vapors in distillation columns.

TP-HEX: compact pressurized heat exchanger.

ThermFlex: large pressurized heat exchanger for the (petro) chemical industry, fx. as Feed & Effluent exchanger.


Salgs Support / Teknisk Support

Vi har travlt ved ATHCO-Engineering og har gang i flere spændende udviklings opgaver.

På baggrund af dette søger vi en energisk og udadvendt Salgs medarbejder med Maskinteknikker eller lignende baggrund.


– Tilbudsgivning og opfølgning af Thermo produkter.
– Udarbejdelse af salgstegninger
– Supportere udvalgte kunder, agenter og samarbejdspartnere.
– Supportere tilbud på projekter samt andet salgs materiale i samarbejde med hele ATHCO teamet fra salg til produktion.
– Salgs projekt ledelse på større OEM kunder
– Supportere CRM
– Marketing relaterede opgaver

Vi tilbyder en spændende arbejdsplads med plads til at udvikle sig personligt og sammen med teamet at videre udvikle en dynamisk organisation.

Send en mail til så kan vi aftale nærmere.

From ACO to ATHCO  Engineering:

ACO Engineering (Denmark) and THP Engineering (Germany/China) worked very close together for several years to introduce the thermo plate exchangers to the Chinese market. Therefore, we decided to join forces at ATHCO Engineering in 2016. The Asian-Europe cooperation within ATHCO has focus on the development and sales of large-scale heat exchangers (up to 2500 m²) and reactor technology based on thermo plate technology for the chemical and petrochemical industry.