Feed/Effluent Heat Exchanger

At ATHCO-Engineering A/S, our Feed & Effluent Heat Exchangers stand at the forefront of efficient heat exchange technology. These specialized heat exchangers play a pivotal role in various industrial processes, optimizing thermal efficiency and resource utilization. Designed with precision and engineered for performance, our solutions ensure the effective transfer of heat between process streams, whether it’s for condensation, gas/liquid exchange, or other applications. Explore how our expertise in heat exchange can elevate your operational efficiency and sustainability efforts.


Compact pressurized
heat exchanger
TP Hex system - for Feed & effluent heat exchangers


Large Feed &
Effluent heat exchangers

Fully welded thermo plate effluent heat exchanger

Need a special designs or


ATHCO-Engineering A/S is able to develop designs and solutions for customers with a specific need – a task we would like to undertake, while at the same time promise a satisfying result.