A self-cleaning heat exchanger for waste water applications

Therm-x is a self-cleaning heat exchanger that is specially designed for heat recovery, cooling and heating of waste water, sewage water, fiber-containing or other unclean process liquids.

It consists of concentric thermoplates that are mechanically cleaned by moving brushes on both sides of the plates. The continuous cleaning of the plates ensures optimum effect from the heat exchanger, as the brushes remove particles that otherwise could settle or burn onto the thermoplates.

With up to 6 rings, with a height of up to 1500 mm and connections up to 200 mm, the unit can cover most applications. The fluid inside the thermoplate can be arranged to flow in a series from one plate to another or parallel into all plates depending on flowrate and heating/cooling requirement.

Therm-x can handle varying flows and discontinuous flow without a problem, and heat can be stored in the unit. It can also be combined with heat pump units in order to prepare hot water.


  • Waste water, sewage water, paper and textile industry, slaughterhouses, public bathroom drain etc.


  • High efficiency. The movement of the
    brushes also create turbulence in the water which increases the efficiency of the heat exchanger.
  • Easy to install and inspect
  • Stainless steel AISI 316 as standard, higher alloy quality also available
  • Large operation range from 10 to 200 m3/h and from 100 kW to over 2 MW.

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