A top condenser is used collection of valuable condensate in process columns. Which is custom-made to fit the column diameter.

ATHCO Engineering has many years experience with designing and manufacturing top condenser plate banks as well as a complete shell (including the plate bank) that can be mounted on top of a column.

The condenser bank’s low height and large cross section makes it well suited for large flow amounts. The free flow between the plates ensure a low pressure drop, which is, especially in vacuum applications, very important. The top condensers not only ensures a simple installation, it is alsocheap to maintain and has low fouling tendency.


Applicable as top condensers in distillation plants and reactor columns. Such examples could be at:

  • Chemical process plants.
  • Food industry
  • And other similar processes.


The most obvious advantages for a Top Condenser are listed below:

  • Low pressure drop.
  • Robust design.
  • Low fouling tendency and easy cleanable (if necessary)
  • High efficiency.

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