ThermFlex heat exchanger consists of a rectangular lamella unit mounted in a round, pressurized shell. Our concept combines all the advantages of a pillow plate exchanger with the ability to reach several thousand m2 in a single unit.

Typical applications of ThermFlex

  • Feed & effluent heat exchanger. The exchanger is combined with a reactor and raises the temperature of the feed gas through heat exchange with the reactor effluent. The hot effluent from the reactor is recycled back to the feed and effluent exchanger to provide all or a portion of the heat required to preheat the reactor feed stream to the reactor inlet temperature.
  • Large condenser units. The hot vapor runs in between the plates and condensation occurs on the surface of the plates. The spot pattern within the plates ensure high turbulent water flow inside the plates thereby increasing the heat transfer coefficient.

Advantages of ThermFlex

  • Low pressure drop due to free flow on shell side
  • Low fouling due to free flow on shell side
  • Superior heat transfer compared to Shell &Tube exchanger giving possibility for:
    • Fewer units – lower CAPEX
    • Smaller foot print – lower CAPEX
    • Closer temperature approach – lower OPEX
    • Installation, transport, foundation and piping – lower CAPEX
    • Lower operating costs
  • Allows problem-free passage of catalyst fines thanks to the flexible distance between the thermoplates

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