Since the possibilities of variation in the geometric shape are almost limitless, we can take process and available space into consideration, when designing your specific Plate Bank.

Our Plate Banks are primarily built as air/water banks where water is used as a medium in the plates and where the air is flowing between the plates. However we are also able to make Plate Banks with an air/air solution if needed.  The fact that the Plate Banks are custom-made means, that you as a customer will experience a great deal of flexibility from our side, when buying this heat exchanger.

Every process where heat recovery in the process industry are needed. Such examples could be:

  • Used especially where the air has particles or powder residue.
  • Heating, cooling and condensation of process air.
  • Discharge air from scrubbers.
  • Discharge air from paper machines.

The most obvious advantages of the Plate Bank heat exchanger are listed below:

  • Very easy to clean.
  • Low pressure drop.
  • Space-saving due to compact design.
  • Can be adapted to process and available space because of flexible design (many combination possibilities).
  • Low tendency of contamination (fouling).

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