10 500 m2 production hall facility
Spot welding:      2000 x 7000 mm and 2000 x 12000 mm
Seam welding:    2000 x 9000 mm
Plasma welding:  5300 x 12 mm
Robot welding machine with 2 manipulators and 3 welding stations (MIG and TIG)
Laser cutting:      2500 x 8500 x 30 mm
Plate rolling machines up from 600 to 4000 mm width and from 2 to 25 mm plate thickness
Several CNC milling and turning machines
56 cranes from 1 to 50 tons capacity



ProcessTherm: heat recovery from dust loaded air (fx from spray dryer).

Flue Gas Condenser: recovery from biomass power and waste incarnation plants.

Therm-X: self-cleaning heat exchanger for heavily contaminated water.

Top Condenser: condensation of organic vapors in distillation columns.

TP-HEX: compact pressurized heat exchanger.

ThermFlex: large pressurized heat exchanger for the (petro) chemical industry, fx. as Feed & Effluent exchanger.